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A special thanks to everyone who has made Bonded Through Books a reality, especially our committed members.  Your continued support has not gone unnoticed.  It has made us who we are.  The love of reading has brought so many of us together and our bond is what keeps us together..... we are truly 


Patricia Warren-Buckner
As the founder of BTB, I've been a member since inception, June, 2003. My love of reading is what led me to start a book club. But the bond, friendships, sisterhood, diversity, good times and LOVE amongst my beautiful sisters is what keeps me going. My favorite author is E. Lynn Harris. May he forever rest in peace. #wewillalwaysspeakyourname

E. Lynn said it best in Invisible Life: "luck runs out but blessings never do." Thank you ladies of BTB for being a blessing to me!
Shaquita Anderson
Years: 12

What I Like: BTB is the place I go once a month to escape and enjoy being a black women through the love of reading and unconditional and lifetime bond of friendship that create sisterhood.

Favorite Authors: Erness Carter, Zora Neale Hurston & Tracy Brown .
Geraldine Barnette
Years: 6

What I Like: I love that BTB is comprised of women of all personalities. We have lots of fun together, and there is never a dull moment!

Favorite Author(s): Bebe Moore-Campbell and Alison Hobbs
April Benson
Years: 13

What I Like: BTB is a sisterhood. It's taught me women can be loyal to each other!

Favorite Author: Brenda Jackson
Antoinette Cottman
Years: 9

What I Like: What I LOVE about bookclub is our sisterhood, diversity and creativity!

Favorite Book: is 'What's Done in the Dark' by ReShonda & Tate Billingsley
Tiffany Henderson
Years: 6

What I Like: I love reading so sharing something I love with women that have the same reading passion as I do is awesome. Also, this is NOT your average book club as we TURN UP on a regular!

Favorite Author: Do I have to pick just one? Lutisha Lovely, Zane, E. Lynn Harris, Angie Daniels
Jennifer Hunter
Years: 5

What I Like: Finally being able to discuss books I read with someone. But it's so much more than a bookclub; it's a sisterhood, a monthly getaway, support system and shared experiences.

Favorite Authors: I really don't have one but the first person that comes to find is Mary Morrison. I've read all of her books
Mariegabrielle James
Years: 10

What I Like: I LOVE BTB because it has given me a life outside of mommy duties and a bond that no life circumstance can break! We are all from different age ranges and backgrounds and provide so many different perspectives that it has helped be become the well rounded woman I am today!

Favorite Author: E. Lynn Harris and I can't forget Janet Evanovich!
Tamika Lampkin
Years: 12

What I Like: I love the sisterhood and the bond created from our love for reading!

Favorite Author(s): Eric Jerome Dickey and Carl Weber
Crystal Lozoway-Patterson
Years: 11

What I Like: We laugh, we party, we cry, and we pray together. Our bond is one of kind and I'm glad I am a part of it.

Favorite Author: E.Lynn Harris however I love me some Norie, Carl Weber, Angie Daniels!!!!
Kory Ross
Years: 6

What I Like: What I LOVE most about book club is the sisterhood that has developed by our members. I have made life long friends because of bonded through books.

Favorite Author(s): Nakia Laushaul
Tricilla Williams
Years: 13

What I Like: I love being a member of BTB because it allows me to be me. It's my getaway from my day to day. BTB is not only a book club, but a sisterhood that I will always cherish.

Favorite Author(s): I can truly say that I do not have a favorite author. If an author can draw me into it's work with it's words and make me feel that I'm a part of the story that's my favorite moment.

Bonded Through Books
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